SSA National Schools Poster Competition (NSPC)

Primary & Secondary


2014 Summary

DIVISION: Year 9/10

  • Winning Teams and Schools

  • Lisarow High School
    "The Deterioration of Teeth in Liquids"

    Aim: To determine the effects of different liquids on teeth deterioration.
    Authors: Tyler Hayter, Taylor Cheetham, Chloe Hatcher and Brooke Khoury

    Maitland Grossmann High School
    "How to make 2 minute noodles in 3 minutes"

    Aim: To test whether adding salt to water increases the boiling point.
    Authors: Grace Forbes and Kayla Crow

  • Honourable Mentions

    Maitland Grossmann High School
    "Electric Bike Challenge"

    Aim: To test what position on an electric bike will create the least drag.
    Authors: Max Carter and Logan Dart

    Maitland Grossmann High School
    "Growth Rates of Foot Bacteria for Males and Females"

    Aim: To determine which gender produces the greatest amount of foot bacteria.
    Authors: Jade Bassett and Luke Green

    Maitland Grossmann High School
    "Does diet cola react the best with Mentos?"

    Aim: To conduct the popular Coca-Cola and Mentos geyser experiment and measure the results to observe which type of Coca-Cola (diet, classic or zero) reacted most effectively.
    Authors: Lara Murray, Amy Williams and Emma James

DIVISION: Year 11/12

  • Winning Team and School

    Kotara High School
    What are the representations of ethnicities in prime-time TV advertisements?"

    Aim: To assess how well-represented various ethnicities are on TV compared with population figures.
    Authors: Jacqueline Willing, Alena Payne and Ellen Frohlich

  • Honourable Mention

    Hunter School for the Performing Arts
    What can we de-juice?"

    Aim: To determine the effect of glucose on test performance.
    Authors: Tasman Fell, Isaac Ewald, Daisy Jarrett, Alex Riordan, Tahlia Quinn