SSA National Poster Competition (NSPC)

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Introductory Statistics

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View the videos below for more information about the competition and how to run it. This is aimed at schools but will be helpful to lecturers as well. Visit our video collection on Vimeo for more options and to download videos.

Competition Videos

Overview - 1 minute

This video provides an overview of the SSAI National Poster Competition.

Rationale - 4 minutes

This video describes the rationale behind the SSAI National Poster Competition.

How to Deliver the Activity - 6 minutes

This video explains the process to follow for teachers and mentors taking part in the SSAI National Poster Competition.

Testimonials - 6 minutes

Participants talk about the competition.

Expert Videos

Photos of our experts

Jose Martinez

Jessica Pritchard

Dr Clair Alston

Cathy Hargrave

Nicholas Tierney

Suzanna Cramb

Dr Mark McEvoy

Jessie Roberts

Dr Peter Howley

Dr Sam Clifford

Kevin Wang

Kerrie Mengersen

David Lubans