SSA National Schools Poster Competition (NSPC)

Primary & Secondary


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National Primary & Secondary Schools Poster Competition - Additional tips

Plan the work and work the plan.

A well-considered plan will improve the likely value and success of your project. Consider the following:

  1. What types of studies or areas of study may be of interest to you and your team, as well as to others viewing the poster
    • will it be about sports, or world events, or scientific challenges, or people's attitudes, or animal behaviours, or some other area?
  2. What is/are the key question/s you wish to address, or hypotheses to test?
    • can you quantify such hypotheses?
  3. Can quantitative data be obtained, within your personal constraints and those of the project, that will help you to answer such questions or hypotheses?
  4. Should, or could, you involve comparisons of groups (e.g., males versus females; between classes; etc.) and in what ways may the groups be compared?
    • this may raise the interest of your project
  5. If someone else repeated your project would they obtain the same or similar results? Are you attempting to make some generalisations based on a sample?
    • How have you considered variation?
    • How generalisable are your results?
    • Are you measuring what you intended to measure and need to measure?
  6. Has everyone involved in collecting data used the same method of measurement and is it the best measure?
    • Why did you measure in a particular way?
  7. Are you best to report something graphically or via text?
    • does your graph provide a clear message or is it hard to interpret?
  8. How strong are your conclusions and have you noted limitations and why you were unable to overcome them?
  9. Is your poster presentation adequately simple and informative?
  10. Have you used clear headings?

Thank you for your consideration of this competition. We hope to continue to bring many valuable and enjoyable hours of learning experience to students and teachers.