SSA National Schools Poster Competition (NSPC)

Primary & Secondary


What teachers are saying about the competition...

"2015 was the first year I've had students participate in the SSAI Poster competition and I've found it to be a rewarding experience. So often in the arrangement of the mathematics curriculum and ordering of textbooks, statistics is taught and practised in segregated pieces, and it's not that often that students, especially in the Junior year of high school, get a chance to put it all together in a meaningful way. I think my class found it a valuable learning experience being able to go through the whole process of Research Question > Data Collection > Data Organisation and Presentation > Data Analysis > Conclusions."

Mathematics and Film, Television & New Media Teacher, Queensland

"The project-based learning activity is a great vehicle for collecting real data, finding meaning amongst it all, and presenting it for a real audience. 21st Century learning at its best!"

Head Teacher, Mathematics, NSW

"It is a great competition for Victoria as all science students have to produce data for analysis for Years 11 and 12 projects from 2016."

Science teacher, Victoria

"We have integrated the competition rules into an authentic assessment task through our iSTEM program. The National Poster Competition has been a resounding success at the school and has been used to motivate and engage students."

Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning, NSW

"This great competition gives our students an audience which helps highlight the importance of data analysis in their Student Research Projects. This competition also provides a pathway to an international competition which gave our students a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine on the world stage."

Science Teacher, NSW

"The SSAI poster competition provided a great assessment task for our Year 9 students, bringing together lots of different aspects of their scientific investigations and data analyses."

Senior classroom teacher, Tasmania