SSA National Schools Poster Competition (NSPC)

Primary & Secondary


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National Primary & Secondary Schools Poster Competition - Sample project ideas

Whether it's social media, health, aerodynamics, current affairs, sea life, environment, social sciences, music, sports, transport, economics, astronomy, or any other field... there is a project that can be devised. A debating team won in 2014 following their interests in how well-represented various ethnicities are on TV compared with the population.

The list of research questions below is provided to inspire thought about the breadth of potential project topics and areas (they include examples surrounding current events, physiology, psychology, forensic anthropology, bio-chemistry, nutrition, marketing, education).

They are intentionally imprecise to allow teams who do wish to pursue a listed question to still be able to adapt and make a topic their own.

They may be useful to a teacher/assistant facilitating the development of a project topic with students; however, it is recommended that students are first invited to brainstorm project ideas themselves without this list as it may constrain thoughts.

Remember to think about how to phrase a research question for a topic to increase its practical value.