SSA National Schools Poster Competition (NSPC)

Primary & Secondary


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National Primary & Secondary Schools Poster Competition - RULES

Participation in this competition is voluntary. The following must be met to avoid disqualification from the competition:

Establishing teams and support

  1. Please register (for free) by 1 September annually. Poster submissions due any time before 10 November.
  2. Each team will be registered within one of the following divisions:

    Years 3-4 / Years 5-6 / Years 7-8 / Years 9-10 / Years 11-12.

    The highest grade of any of the team's members will define the team's division. E.g., a team with two Year 8 students and one Year 9 student would be in the "Year 9-10" division.

    There may be 2 to 5 members per project (group); 3 is recommended.

    NOTE: whilst this National Competition welcomes teams of size 2 to 5, for winners to be eligible for the International Competition teams must comprise 2 to 3 students.

  3. For each project there needs to be a contact teacher and school. The contact teacher is responsible for all elements of the team and its function, including but not limited to:
    1. ensuring the teams meet the competition rules; and
    2. having their school's permission to participate and, should the teacher wish to have additional support, to have a mentor (see Point 4) attend the School.
  4. Additional support: should a teacher wish to have assistance, the competition organisers will do their best to provide a mentor/facilitator who will visit the school once the contact teacher has established necessary permission from their school. Should a mentor be available, the teacher must be in the classroom environment with the mentor at all times. This will help achieve the many aims of the project and reduce potential costs.


Dimension and Content

  1. Posters must be two-dimensional (one single sheet) and one-sided. Maximum size is A1 (841 mm x 594 mm or 33.1 in x 23.4 in).
  2. Should a poster contain any form of potentially offensive material or be otherwise inappropriate for public display it will be excluded from presentation and will take no further part in the competition. The organisers reserve the right to withhold any projects from public display at their own discretion.
  3. Any topic is permissible but must reflect or illustrate clear aims, methods, analysis, interpretation and communication of statistics or statistical information and findings. In planning the projects on which posters are based, it is important to take into account the "Judging Criteria" and "Additional Tips" documents, which clarify educational goals.
  4. Data used can be collected by students or previously published by someone else (if the data is published, the source must be cited in the poster).
  5. Posters must be presented in English.
  6. Posters must be blind, i.e., they must not contain any information identifying the students or schools who have submitted them.
  7. Posters must be the original design and creation of students and must cite any content obtained from existing sources using appropriate footnotes and references.
  8. Your poster content should be able to be viewed from a distance of approx. 2m (7 feet).


  1. Electronic submissions are made via the website adhering to the following instructions:
    • Maximum file size is 10MB
    • It is the responsibility of the submitting author or teacher to ensure that the poster will be able to be viewed for judging via the file
    • Preferred file types are PDF and JPEG; please check other formats with the organisers
  2. All entries become the property of the competition organisers and may not be returned.
  3. A winning poster may be forwarded, if of sufficient merit, to the International Statistical Literacy Project competition for international judgement (March of following year; run once every two years). All forwarded entries become the property of the International Statistics Institute and will not be returned.
  4. By submitting a poster, students and teachers give permission for their work to be displayed at various conferences, special events, in publications and promotional material, and in electronic format on the internet.


  1. The "Judging Criteria" document should be viewed.
  2. Judges will be appointed by the competition organisers.
  3. The judges' decision is final.
Thank you for your consideration of this competition. We hope to continue to bring many valuable and enjoyable hours of learning experience to students and teachers.

The organising committee,

Statistical Society of Australia Inc. in association with The University of Newcastle, Australia, and competition sponsors.