SSA National Schools Poster
Competition (NSPC)

Primary & Secondary

The 2019 Competition is open — closes 10 Nov — register now.
Stages 5 and 6 winners may progress to the International leg.


Competition Overview

This 1-minute video provides an overview of the National Schools Poster Competition.

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Poster Display & Awards ceremony

The Australian Statistics Conference (Canberra 5-9 Dec, will host a special poster display and awards ceremony where schools may attend, receive awards/certificates, liaise with academics & professionals in the field. Conference fees are waived for schools, teachers, students, families to attend the special session — schools will need to make own arrangements to attend. Further details re specific dates and times to come later in 2016.

Eligibility for International Comp

To be eligible for the national competition, student projects may be on any topic and can involve teams of 2 to 5 students. Please also review rules at

To be eligible for us to consider submitting a poster to the international competition, with which this competition aligns, a project's theme must be "Australia's History" and teams must be 2 to 3 students.

  • All submissions, whatever the topic, will be judged for the national competition. The best Year 11-12 project and best Year 9-10 project that supports the "Australia's History" theme (whether winning national competition or not) may then be forwarded to the International Competition, provided they are deemed to be of an appropriate standard.
  • NOTE: schools can only directly enter the national competition. Best posters are then forwarded by National Schools Poster Competition coordinators to the international competition (which is judged May-July the following year)

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NSPC wins 2017 International Best Cooperative Project Award!

On 21 July at the International Statistical Institute's (ISI's) 61st World Statistics Congress, the National Schools Poster Competition was awarded the 2017 International Best Cooperative Project Award.

The International Best Cooperative Project Award, judged by peers and ISI members, is awarded every two years, in recognition of outstanding, innovative, and influential statistical literacy projects that affect a broad segment of the general public and involve the cooperation of different types of institutions (national statistical offices, schools, statistical societies, media etc.).

Read more on the International Statistical Literacy Project website.

Project Brief

This project-based learning activity involves teams of 2 to 5 school students creating an informative poster presentation based on the collection and interpretation of data towards addressing a practical research question. Participants and interested schools should register and consider the rules, sample projects, additional tips and judging criteria.

Assistants may attend schools to help teachers and students develop their projects and posters - see Support System below. Entry is free and both certificates and prizes are awarded.

The competition was piloted for secondary schools in the Hunter Region in 2014 and expanded nationally in 2015. (Click here for examples of projects and summary results.) In 2016, the national competition expanded to Primary Schools. We hope to continue to bring many valuable and enjoyable hours of learning experience to students and teachers.

Submissions are made online via the supvervising teacher. A poster display/awards evening may be conducted. The project is run in conjunction with the International Statistical Literacy Project.

Project Aims

Sample Projects

Projects may be based around, but are not limited to, the sciences; for example:

Support System

Assistants may be available (if desired by school/teacher) to attend schools and help facilitate projects. These may include:

Each mentor may, for example, attend a school on 3 occasions (1-2hr visit each time) across a 6-week period and supervise several projects.

Project duration and the timing and duration of visits will depend largely on the local teacher and their school's timetable and needs.

^^Please register and advise if you would like to have a mentor visit your school to assist. If you have already registered, please log in and then create or update your plans for this year's competition.

Additionally, CSIRO's Scientist and Mathematicians in Schools program may also be able to help find a mentor (please note on your CSIRO registration that you wish to have a coordinator to assist with the SSA's National Poster Competition).



For specific questions, please e-mail Dr Peter Howley at, or telephone (02) 492 15518.